Release the Cluckens!

Here you will find musings about life with chickens, teenagers, a husband and a large unruly dog.

Meet the hens

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OK- I know- some of the names are food-related. That was because when we first got the chicks I thought that eventually when a hen stopped laying it would be dinner (Chicken Nugget anyone?). This was a mistake. HUGE mistake. I’m way too attached to put one of the girls in the stewpot. They each have their own personality and yes, they’re pets- pets that provide eggs, so ‘pets with benefits'(?)

So come on in and have a laugh with us, don’t let your feathers get ruffled because we’re all just winging it anyway. And if you’re ever in our neck-o-the-woods stop in for a sweet tea and omelets-or quiche-or frittatas-

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